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Our Most Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make an app?

Most of our clients find the cost somewhere between $30,000 upwards of even $130,000. When it comes to the price for custom app development, it completely depends on your app's requirements and what it will do. You should also think about iOS vs Android vs Web. Unless you opt to use a technology such as React Native, we build each app separately for each platform, using completely different code. So you'll need to factor that into the cost as well.

How long does it take to design a website?

For websites, we typically see timelines between 2-3 weeks for design and 1-2 weeks after that for developing it into HTML. This totally depends ultimately on the site and how "custom" the design or animations are, but on average it takes about 1.5 months from start to finish.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

No way! For every client we work with, we will give you an estimate for the total cost of your app. That estimate will determine your monthly cost and estimated total number of months for development. Any extra time or even potentially less, is billed/credited on a per hour basis after that.

What tech & tools do you use at SoFriendly?

For mobile apps, we develop in Swift for iOS, Java & Kotlin for Android. Our backends are usually based on PHP or Node, with web frontends being done in Angular or React. We also offer React Native for mobile which allows for cross platform deployment.